Our Process

The No Obligation Quote

  • We offer a no obligation quote for a specific job upon appointment.
  • The individual named on the quote is responsible for payment of the invoice associated with the work completed. The named client on the quote is assumed to be the owner of the trees or plants noted in the quote (or owner’s representative).
  • The company does not, under any circumstances knowingly work on any trees or shrubs owned by a third party (including municipalities) without written permission from that party.
  • The company is not responsible for any damage caused on work quoted that may occur between the date the owner calls for quotation or accepts contract and the date the work has been started or completed.

Confirming Work

  • For insurance purposes we require a signed quote that can be returned in person or by email.
  • Any additions or changes to the work described will require a signed confirmation by client either on-site (while the job is in process) or forwarded to us by email.

Scheduling of Work

  • We will in advance notify the client of our intentions.
  • Scheduled work might be subject to unpredictable nature or other delays beyond our control.
  • We regret any inconvenience but we can not be held responsible for failure to meet scheduled dates of work completion due to weather conditions or other factors beyond our control.

Work Completion

  • The team arrives at your job with a copy of the quote and detailed instructions.
  • Our field representatives have the freedom to make necessary changes to original work contracted by the client based on their knowledge, experience, and professional discretion.


  • Full payment is due on the day work is completed unless arranged in advance.
  • Payment is to be made by cash, cheque, Visa, or MasterCard
  • Quoted prices do not include HST.
  • Where terms of payment apply, 2% interest per month will be added to any portion of an invoice outstanding for more than 30 days and this will be compounded monthly.
  • We accept Visa, Credit, Cash or Cheque payments